The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews in 2017 – 2018

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What is a Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

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These lawn mowers have a few major differences from the normal type of mower. These are as the description suggests self propelled. Effectively these mowers pull themselves along requiring minimal effort from the opperator. The user only has to steer the machine. Another benefit of these mowers is that they are able to pull themselves up inclines. This is specially useful for uneven lawns. If you want to know what the lawn mower is, you can check definition here at wikipedia about “what is lawn mower?”.

With recent advances in manufacturing technology the cost of a self propelled lawn mower has come down considerably. It is possible to purchase a mower for above one hundred bucks and below one thousand bucks.

Self propelled lawn mowers normally come with multiple speed settings and varying size of engine. It is important to select the right size of mower and correct speed. If you set you mower at too fast a speed you will spend your time chasing the mower and if your lawn is very uneven you must check the mower with a powerful enough engine.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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Types of self propelled lawn mowers

If you are not familiar with self propelled lawn mowers, you should understand that there are 3 types of self propelled lawn mowers being sold on markets (including offline and online). These types of lawn mowers have various shapes and different sizes for specific purposes of use.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

– This type is best suited for flat land surface and terrain.
– It is a kind of ease of use so you can stop it by tipping the front wheels of the lawn mower back.
– It is best suited for moving an even shaped lawn or around trees while it is not easy to maneuver if the lawn has taller tougher grass.

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

– This is suitable for a slopping terrain due to its features.
– Unlike other types of lawn mowers, this one is good stability when moving, especially, cutting gas on a slope is just a piece of cake.
– Unlike fron wheel drive type, this one is easy to maneuver with good traction control.
– This requires additional accessory such as a bag to store mowed grass.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

– It is created to provide more stability in slippery terrain.
– This type is best suited most of challenges such as tall or tough grass, or on uneven terrains, and on a steep slope.
– It gives maximum control and great maneuverability.

Factors to consider when selecting a self propelled lawn mower


It is very important to check the safety first if you want to buy a lawn mower. Actually, self-propelled mowers are safe to use because they have an automatic shut off system. They system is designed to help users to turn mower off when it is not in use or if users want to pause to pick up clippings, weeds, or stuff from the ground. In addition, when the engine shuts off, the blades will disengage thanks to the override system.

Ease of use

What type of lawn mower are you seeking for? The manual one or the electric corded self-propelled ones? Each has different level of convenience. So the choice is yours. Self-propelled gas lawn mowers might be more convenient especially if not up to the hassle that accompanies corded electric mowers. You might need to check if the lawn mower starts by recoil or has an electric starter. Recoil starters require you to pull a cord to start the mower while an electric one requires you to push a button or a start key.


This influences movement, the speed limit and the smoothness of work done. Look for comfortable and well tread wheels that make it easy to propel the mower with minimal effort. In addition, you can maneuver them with more ease and prevent the mower from damage especially if the wheels come off due to excessive turning.

Known Brands

Buy mowers from well-reputed entities such as Kohler, Honda and other name brands. Servicing your machine on a regular basis is considered common practice. Don’t ignore this factor and the availability of spare parts and local maintenance shops. Regular maintenance improves the condition of the mower increasing its durability.


Many lawn mowers today come with extra accessories. Knowing these accessories after identifying your needs makes it easier when it comes to making your purchase.

Size of the garden or lawn

Lawn mowers come in different sizes. The lawn mower purchased must be directly proportionate to the size of the lawn. This prevents over loading the mower.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Self Propelled Lawn Mowever:

Question: How do they work for your needs?

Answer: The mower is designed to help you clean the yard easily with its blades, and axles through the engine by spinning them.

Question: Why should you buy a mower?

Answer: You can save lots of time and money when using the self-propelled mower to clean your yard. You don’t have to take much effort with gardening stuff. It is easy to control and monitor to do everything as you want. You don’t have to worry about grass any more when this mover can handle for you effectively.

It is worth the money to buy a lawn mower although the garden services can offer affordable prices. It is because you can save some amount for using garden services to purchase a great lawn mower and do your own way. It is the clear picture that you can know why it is worth for investment in long-term purpose. In addition, the cost of maintenance is very low.

Question: What is the best one among the best—gas, electric, or battery-powered mowers?

Answer: The size of your yard will decide the type of mowever. However, you can also consider the cost savings which will decide the price and quality. Actually, you can consider using the battery-powered mower when the size of your yard is small. For larger size, you can move with the gas-powered self-propelled while the electric mower can have with some limitation. The choice is yours anyway. Just choose the best one that fits your needs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Question: Which one should I choose amaong a zero turn mower, a riding mower, and a self-propelled mower?

Answer: The self-propelled mowers (type of “walk-behind” mowers) are designed to serve homeowners who go for residential lawns while the other two types are often created for commercial landscapers, especially, people who want to maintain the large or big yard in size.

Question: Can I do exercise when using the self-propelled mover?

Answer: You can make it become real exercise if you want when adjusting the features such as speed, or mode. 80 to 160 calories can be burnt an hour when using the self-propelled mower. Cool, right?

Question: Is it possible to build a go-kart with a lawn mower?

Answer: You can easily upgrade it to go-kart. Read the guide here at WikiHow


To choose the best one that fits your needs, you should consider the following things: reliability, design, speed, weight, prices, features, customer support, customer service, type, size, budget, brands, and more… It is very important to check all these factors to pick the right one that meets your requirement. Don’t just rely on your own preferences.