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Everyone is likely to love neat and nice lawns with harmony atmosphere and beautiful scense but it is quite hard to fulfill the goals if not follow the right ways. It requires a significant amount of time and effort including the right lawn care equipment to develop and maintain the perfect lawn. To get the job done, you surely need to equip yourself with the best lawn mower. Otherwise, you will need to have a herd of goats to “eat grass” on your lawn on a daily basis. Nowadays, there are lots of lawn mowers available on the market designed to help gardeners to mow grass. With lawn mowers, you can clean your garden regardless of the size of lawn.

Because there are various types of lawn mowers, you should check your needs before buying lawn mowers. By checking this step, you can make the right choice. After all, we want our lawns to look the best, don’t we? This means that picking the right lawn mower can be tricky. The decision depends significantly on the person who will be mowing the lawn, the size of the lawn, and the terrain of the lawn. For instance, a large lawn demands the use of a self-propelled lawn mower, or a tractor lawn mower. On the other hand, a small lawn mower benefits the most from a push lawn mower, which will not only be inexpensive, but also mean quite a workout for the user. There are many other factors that need to be considered as well. Tune in to our website, for the best insights on the various best lawn mowers on the market.

What Type of Lawn Mower Should You Buy?

Lawn mowers can be broadly divided into many categories. Each of them comes with their own merits and demerits. However, the type of lawn mower you should buy depends on the size of your lawn. Know the various lawn movers before you make your selection.

Rotary Push Lawn Mower

Rotary push lawn mowers make use of rotating blades to cut through the grass. These horizontally rotating blades rotate at high speeds to chop off the grass with suck and tear action. Rotary lawn mowers are usually powered by petrol engines, and require the user to push the mower across the lawn. Some of these can be fitted with a rear roller, which can flatten a stripe of grass as the mower cuts through the grass. The flattened stripe of grass reflects light at a different angle, and gives the onlookers an illusion of a differently colored lawn. Nice touch. If you are looking for the best lawn mower for a small lawn, this is it.

Riding Lawn Mower

The advantage of riding mowers is that the user does not have to walk behind it. They can simply sit on the mower, and operate the lawn mower while riding it. A riding mower is best suited for lawns that are bigger than one acre, and do not have many obstacles such as trees, benches, and so on. There are many types of riding mowers too. Some have large cutting decks, while some are designed with higher horsepower for difficult terrain, and so on. A number of manufacturers provide additional features such as spreaders, a larger grass catcher, and so on. This is the best lawn mower for large lawns.

Zero turn lawn mower

Zero turn lawn mower is designed specifically for large lawns riddled with obstacles such as trees, benches, flower beds, and so on. As the name suggests, these mowers have a zero turning radius, and are remarkably easy to navigate around the toughest of the obstacles. Moreover, they are a type of riding lawn mowers and come with a seat for easy operation in large lawns. They can get quite large, and prove to be slightly expensive. So, unless the lawn is larger than an acre, and full of obstacles, it is best to go for a more inexpensive lawn mower.

Tractor Lawn Mower

Tractor lawn mowers are among the most versatile and largest of the lawn mowers. They are built in the image of small tractors, and can easily be used to mow lawns that are 2 acres or larger. The mower mechanism is fitted in the midsection of these lawn mowers between the front and rear wheels. A tractor lawn mower can be additionally fitted with clipping collectors, carts, aerators, and so on, depending on the need. In fact, they are so versatile that users can fit snowplow blades to remove snow, or spread seeds on a farm, and so on. They are incredibly useful, and can be quite expensive.

Push Reel Lawn Mower

Push reel mowers are fitted with multiple blades, ranging anywhere from three to seven, which rotate vertically. They cut through grass using the scissoring action. These lawn mowers require a lot of muscle to push them around. However, some of them can be tied to a tractor for pushing around. Despite the effort required, they enjoy high demand as the vertical cutting action is great for the health of the grass. They are mostly used in small lawns, and a number of them are used in golf lawns too. Push reel mowers do not give good results with thick grass, or badly maintained lawns. However, once the lawn is in control, they deliver the best results.

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are not a different category of lawn mowers. Instead, the various types of lawn mowers, which generally run on gasoline or diesel, if fitted with an electric engine, fall under this name. So, electric lawn mowers are available in almost every category of lawn mowers. They are powerful, convenient to use, and do not make any noise while in operation. Most importantly, their maintenance requirements are not high either. Today, electric lawn mowers are available in both cord, and cordless variety, so that users can buy according to their choice. Moreover, these are Eco-friendly too, meaning that they will be a product of choice in the future also. Eventually it will be the best lawn mower on the market when the technology improves.

Robotic Lawn Mower

The technology in the recent years has given birth to possibly the most convenient lawn mower – the robotic lawn mower. These lawn mowers require the users to set up a boundary wire as the perimeter of the lawn, which will guide the lawn mower. The robot mower works overnight, while everybody is asleep, so that the lawn is ready for the users’ fun time. Interestingly, they are electrically charged, and require little work. In fact, when the lawnmower is in need of charge, it will simply return to its charging station by itself. They work irrespective of seasons, weather, or even when there is no one at home. All without disturbing the neighbors with any kind of noise.

Hover Lawn Mower

Hover Mowers use the same rotary blade principle as the rotary lawn mowers, but with one big difference. There are no wheels in hover mowers. Instead, they move across the lawn by hovering over the ground. They sport powerful engines that produce a downward thrust of air, which acts like a cushion and levitates the mower slightly above the ground. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and work perfectly over steep lawns, irregular lawns, and so on. Because of their compact size, they are easy to store in garages too. The design of these mowers derives direct inspiration from hovercrafts. That’s neat!

7 Best Lawn Mower Brands

While any lawn mower can cut the grass, not all the mowers can provide the same value for money. Only a few lawn mowers in the market come with high quality equipment that can last years, have powerful engines, and deliver high performance. It is often best to check out the track record of a lawn mower brand over the years, to get the best value for money.


Toro is a manufacturer of industrial equipment for irrigation, landscape maintenance, construction, and so on. They are renowned for quality equipment all over the world. Naturally, they have a repository of a wide variety of lawn mowers, both for domestic as well as commercial use. Most importantly, the Brand Toro is synonymous with high quality, durable, and reliable equipment. With over a century of its existence, Toro has developed a strong reputation for itself. Not to mention the excellent customer support the company provides, if and when the customers have any issues with their equipment. Because of this, Toro products have been consistently rated high by its customers all over the world.


Anyone who has ever researched even a little about lawn mowers will have surely heard of this brand. Husqvarna originally started as a rifle manufacturer in the late seventeenth century, and has been in lawn mower business since 1919. Over the years, Husqvarna has steadily produced some of the most powerful and reliable lawn mowers for both domestic as well as commercial use. All their products are covered by the brand’s free limited technical support, which is among the best in the industry. Whether it is a push lawn mower, or a tractor lawn mower, there are very few brands in the market that can compete with Husqvarna’s reliability, and performance.

Lawn Boy

Lawn Boy has been manufacturing lawn mowers from the time before World War II. Two core values that all the lawn mowers from this company incorporate are convenience and efficiency. Although they are not the most powerful lawn mowers on the market, they surely deliver the best value for money. Because of this, the brand has become a backyard icon in the American households. In the recent years, since the acquisition of Lawn Boy by Toro, the company has expanded its product line, and now offers a much bigger range of products to the customers. Most of Lawn Boy products are easy to set up and use too.


Poulan is one of the most reputed manufacturer of landscaping and outdoor equipment. It brings its decades’ worth of experience in building industrial grade equipment to its lawn mower business. The results are powerful machines that deliver high performance. Most importantly, Poulan products are competitively priced, and are often much lower than their peers for the same level of performance. Moreover, Poulan only incorporates branded parts in its products, including engines, blades, and so on. Therefore, there is no question of the quality either. Overall, Poulan products are affordably priced, and perform efficiently just like they promise to. Not more, not less.

Green Works

GreenWorks is one of the most affordable brands in the lawn mower industry. That doesn’t mean there is any compromise in quality of their products. Many of their electric lawn mowers are consistently rated among the best performing lawn mowers in their category. Not to mention, all their products deliver great value for money. As an outdoor equipment manufacturer, GreenWorks is a well-established name in the field, and it is easy to understand why. It is typical of GreenWorks products to be as valuable as those products that are twice as expensive as them. High performance equipment, responsive customer support, and reliable machines, have pushed the GreenWorks product sales in America for years.

Snow Joe

Under the two brand names, Snow Joe and Sun Joe, the company supplies a range of quality outdoor equipment that includes lawn mowers tillers, snow blowers, and so on. The manufacturer is only a decade old, and it is testimony to its exceptional quality of products that the brand has already won lifetime fans throughout America. Snow Joe showed that high quality does not always demand high prices. Even with a powerful engine, and durable parts, Snow Joe lawn mowers are competitively priced, making the brand an early success. By investing in innovative products, Snow Joe has managed to meet every need of its customers, at a price desired by the buyers.


Worx is a line of outdoor equipment manufactured and supplied by the Chinese company, Positec Tool Corporation. The globally distributed supply chain allows the manufacturer to produce remarkably high quality products, and deliver them to customers at affordable prices. Worx deals in some of the best electric lawn mowers – both corded and battery operated. On the quality front, Worx products have been awarded a number of awards. Despite their electric engines, the lawn mowers are quite powerful, and manage to exceed the customers’ expectations. They need little maintenance such as a yearly blade sharpening, and they are good to go, making them easy to use.

Power Sources for Lawn Mowers

If the huge variety of lawn mowers is not enough to confuse the buyers, now there are options on the engine front too. But do not worry, we have your back. We will make it easy for you to make a sound and suitable decision. There are three broad categories of power sources for lawn mowers.


Gasoline powered engines are usually the most powerful. They are particularly useful when the lawn is large, or when there are too many obstacles in the lawn. Gasoline powered lawn mowers work efficiently on the sloping hills, around trees, and even when the lawns are thick. Gasoline engines are particularly of use when the lawn mower has wheels, which require extra power. These engines are so powerful that they are a preferred type of power source for wide lawn mowers. However, they reek of petrol and can be quite noisy. Also, they require annual maintenance to operate efficiently.


Battery-operated lawn mowers are among the most convenient lawn mowers as long as they are used to mow small lawns. They do not produce noise, and can be easily recharged. The area covered by these lawn mowers, directly depends on the battery capacity. Unlike the corded electric engines, these lawn mowers can be carried to mow the grass in areas where there is no power supply, only to be recharged later. They do not produce any smoke, fumes, or smell. They make use of clean energy, and are eco-friendly too. However, because of the presence of the battery, they can be quite heavy. Although, not as powerful as the gasoline engines, battery-operated lawn mowers are pretty convenient, and efficient.

Corded Electric

A corded electric lawn mower requires a continuous power supply from an electric source. A typical corded electric lawn mower can be a wheel type or a hover type mower. This type of lawn mower is best suited to mow lawns that are small, and free from any obstacles. Since they are neither powerful engines like gasoline ones, nor run on a battery, they can be quite lightweight and convenient to use. However, they are constrained by the cord to only operate in areas that are near to a power source. In fact, the cord makes the mowing quite cumbersome since the user has to take care that it does not come under the blades. That being said, the clean energy, absence of fumes and smell, and its noiseless operation are a huge plus.


If you are just getting started with your search and have never purchased a lawn mower before, this is the guide for you. Although this guide is very informative, you must only see it as something you use to get you going in the right direction. Our other guides will be the ones to help you look through different types of lawn mowers available on the market and should help you pull the trigger on the best lawn mower based on your needs. My last piece of advice for you is to not let yourself feel overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time and you will eventually find the lawn mower of your dreams that will allow you to have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood.

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